Every day, we are striving to create the best opportunities for everyone to enjoy their time with us. In order to make it possible for everyone to interact with puppies, we have multiple litters of puppies at the same time. Every Year, our mushers bring up a new generation of canine athletes that just might become the future lead dog star of their team. We also have Pomskies, adorable and fluffy miniature Huskies that are always begging for more attention. With such a cute squad it will be hard not to fall in love with our place!

Future Athletes

,The purpose of having future athletes at Wild Adventure Yukon is to be socialized to people of all different ages in order to develop into a friendly, confident dog that is able to function optimally as part of a dog team.

We aim to provide our guests with an enjoyable and educational experience about dog mushing, and raising and caring for sled dog puppies while at the same time putting the needs of the puppies first and foremost.

All guests will be able to view and photograph the puppies, either napping or playing in their pen. You will have the opportunity to interact with an informed and skilled dog handler who is available to share information about the breed, their training, and ultimately, their life as a canine athlete.



Hug Lovers 

These Dogs will be here to greet every person entering the puppy yard. They will be the star of all your photos and always available for more and more cuddles…

These gorgeous fluff-balls are not future racers, they are the beautiful fruit of a mix of two very different breeds, Siberian Huskies and Pomeranian

To find out more about those adorable puppies or if you’ve already met them and are looking to adopt one for yourself, visit  



Andrew H. - Sacramento, CA

“Best wildlife museum I have ever been to!”

Gary B. - Toronto, ON

“Great food, great service, great displays! Second time around.”

Brenna P. - Charleston, SC

“Loved the sled dog ride and the interaction with the adorable puppies. Thanks for a great lunch and an educational wildlife display.”

Debbie T. - Cheshire, England

“A gorgeous drive from Skagway and perfect stopping point along the way. The wildlife museum is a must-see attraction.”

Jeff M. - Dallas, TX

“The staff is extremely friendly and made us feel right at home. They even recommended some great areas nearby for photos.”