Yukon’s Premiere

Gift Shop

Hoping to find that unique and authentic gift or art piece? Browse our extensive collection of local, Yukon-made art. Consider these, all made at or near Wild Adventure Yukon:

Muskox horn carvings · Hand crafted wooden bowls · Soap stone carvings · Local jade pieces

Hand carved antler sculptures · Open fired pottery of Yukon clay · Masks of northern characters

Handcrafted leather slippers and mitts · Fur and Native products · Handmade silver jewelry

Hand carved antler sculptures from local caribou

Mystic Fire Raku art

Hand crafted sculptures from Yukon jade mines

Rhodondite (the love gem) is a pink stone found throughout the Yukon. Lovely metal work atop local rhodondite.

We have an extensive collection of native products and art.

Beautifully crafted Canadian jade pieces. Don’t forget to check out our very own piece of jade mounted outside the gift shop – it weighs in at 3,000 pounds!

Sneak peak at the drive from Skagway to Carcross

Bring home a piece of the Yukon

We accept both Canadian and U.S. Dollars as well as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.